Managed a haiku for todays post, let me know your thoughts in the comments:

snow pewter fragrant
wave chest reborn below
stained glass smiling


Mind Mazes

Not much happening upstairs today, must be dormant brain. Had a rather long sleep-in this morning so did not achieve either of my 500 words goals for today: 1. Get up an hour earlier 2. Write 500 words. However did produce something productive for the day:


The Blue Bag - Day 2 My 500 words

Ok, so today I did some writing, not quite the 500 words that I had hoped for but 258 seems like a good start. So here it is:

The Blue Bag 

The blue bag in the shop window staring at me, judging, making me reveal things I would never concede about myself. Maybe I would buy it, just to silence it. Maybe I could hush all the guilt, the indignity. It wouldn't be such a price to pay, would it? It wouldn't be gawking at me then, I would possess it. See it judge me then. I would own it and there would be no accountability, nothing left to gawk at me. I could criticise it into silence; twist it to my own will. Trap it into an existence of nothingness. I will; I will own it and I will never let anyone have what is mine. Until the next time that something is staring at me, judging; I will own that too and shunt inside it an abysmal part of myself, away from prying eyes. You will not make me see the darkness inside myself, I will not face it. I will bury it in possessions; I will fill the emptiness inside by owning impractical things and wearing a false fa├žade. I will not answer to you; I will not answer to anyone! How dare you accuse me! How dare you blame me! How dare you find fault in ME! I do not hear you, I can’t hear you. It is impossible to hear anything over the egocentric contemplatives that slough my consciousness. I may eventually wade my way through the thick palpable leftovers of my less than compassionate soul; but that isn't today. Today I am; alone.

I also set some goals for this month as part of my 500 word challenge:

1. To try and write 500 words a day
2. To obtain some constructive criticism on my work.
- Maybe you could help me out with the later? 

Until tomorrow! Prompt 2 - Focus

Ok, so i've joined and have started my daily practice by participating in their 14 Prompts. I won't be doing them in order, but more as my mood takes me. The first one I tried today was

Prompt 2 -Focus:
Practice focus by writing about a basketball player before a big game. How does he prep his mind? Does he visualize the game in his mind? Does he think about what it felt like the first time he played the sport?Choose one of the tools above to help you focus (personally, I’m going to write with my eyes closed).You have fifteen minutes. Post your piece in the comments when your time is up. Have fun!
This is what I came up with:

Thump. Thump. THUMP. I'm not sure if it is the blood pumping through my body or the steady stream of ball dribbling on the court outside. Right now, all I can think of is the last time I was here, in this stadium. What a failure, in front of the home-crowd. I'd tripped, at the moment when it all counted most. Focus, I must focus. 
The sweat cascaded in salty, lucid beads down Landon's forehead as he focused his mind on the court, seeing the crowd and feeling the anxiety and anticipation smothering his consciousness. Thump. Thump. THUMP. "Landon, 5 minutes!" the coach yelled from the locker room. Landon didn't hear him, his mind steadying in time to his deep breaths, blank, focused. I'm ready.

Starting tomorrow I will also be embarking on a My 500 Words challenge - see link in right panel :)


Lost Artist

You are hiding in the shadows,
Of a world that doesn't see,
They don't see the hidden value,
That art holds for you and me.
You break free from this suppression,
Free your own creative will,
I hope that now they see you,
Passion raging in your azure eyes,
As you chase your own ambitions,
As your creative spirit flies.